I Am A Beginner Wanting To Take Chocolate-Tempering-Lessons

Chocolate tempering lessons are structured for beginners. Students learn the science of chocolate in a very simple, straightforward manner. Lessons are hands-on.

The Seeding Method vs The Tabliering Method

After just one class you will temper chocolate using the Seeding method. If you want to learn more we teach the Tabliering (Tabling) method in class number 2. Each chocolate tempering lesson is 3 hours in length.

In chocolate tempering lesson number one students enjoy a fine Belgian couverture tasting. You will understand what chocolate contains so that you know how best to work with it. Most importantly, you will understand the difference between regular chocolate and couverture.

What Do All The Percentages On The Chocolate Bar Wrappers Mean?

We dive deep into the meaning of the percentages that appear on the wrappers of chocolate bars. Furthermore, the ingredients are explained so that you understand their role in the production of chocolate and couverture.

I Want To Make My Own Chocolate Decorations

Firstly, with just one chocolate tempering lesson you will make your own chocolate decorations, bars, bonbons and cocoa butter-accented confections. Secondly, you will know how to work with particular types of chocolate. Lastly, you will have an understanding of how to use chocolate and cocoa powder in your baked goods.

What Is The Difference Between Dutch Process Cocoa Powder and Natural Cocoa Powder?

There is a big difference between Dutch Process Cocoa Powder and Natural Cocoa Powder. We explain the differences. Furthermore, you will understand their properties and when to use which one.

I Want To Sign Up For The First Lesson.

The first chocolate tempering lesson is called Chocolate – 101. Please click this link to contact us. Please send us a message and we will be in touch within 12 hours, at the latest!