children chocolate baking class nashvilleOur Chocolate Classes for Kids is a great way to introduce children to the amazing field of chocolate science. Students 8 years of age and older learn to work with delicious Belgian couverture chocolate. We explain what all those percentages on the wrappers mean. Additionally we detail exactly what is added to raw chocolate that makes it so delicious. During the chocolate tasting we explain why fine couverture chocolate is so much smoother than regular chocolate. Children learn to scale ingredients precisely and to mix properly to achieve the perfect texture. In three simple steps we teach them to temper/crystalize chocolate, which solves many problems related to working with it.

Students dip cake pops the way the pros do it. They make hand-rolled truffles, solid chocolate shapes and beautiful treats decorated with cute cocoa butter patterns. Everyone goes home with a large box of confections, which is why Chocolate Classes for Kids is a great birthday party option as the take-away treats are provided! And did we mention that you have no clean up to contend with?

Our lessons are private and very hands-on so if you would like to book Chocolate Classes for Kids for a single child we good with that. If you would like to bring additional young aspiring chocolatiers we are good with that too.

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