In the autumn our students love baking with apples. We use a variety of apples to add complexity to the flavor and also to provide different textures. In our Baking with Apples series we teach our students to make traditional apple pie, apple galette and apple turnovers just to name a few classes.

How to make a tender, flaky pie crust

We teach our students to make many different types of crust depending upon the desired outcome. For example, we use a puff pastry for turnovers and a Pate a Foncer dough for our version of traditional apple pie. When baking with apples we also like to use ingredients such as boiled apple cider to add depth to the flavor.

Is your pastry tough?

In all of our baking classes, including baking with apples, we teach students to work with their ingredients properly to achieve the best results. We never want to over-work the gluten and so we teach our students methods to minimize gluten development.

Not a professional baker but want to learn more?

Our classes are designed for home bakers and beginners wanting to learn more. Most of our lessons are 3 hours in length with a few exceptions, such as apple turnovers, which is 6 hours in length. In the longer lessons we add additional recipes of the student’s choice to create a double lesson.

I want to bring a friend to my class

Our lessons, including baking with apples, are private. You may bring a friend or a group of friends to create a fun event. The price for a 3-hour private lesson is $150 for the first student and includes all ingredients. Students take home everything they make. Each additional student is $75. Every student takes home very detailed recipes, tips and instructions to ensure success when they return to their own kitchens.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Baking with Apples

In our baking with apples series of classes we make turnovers and galettes