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Popular Classes

Eat The Art's most popular classes show the wide variety of lessons we are able to provide our students. Being a graduate of the French Pastry School and a Professional Chocolatier, Chef Heather offers excellent instruction in the making of French Macarons and Eclairs. Chocolate lessons and Cake & Cupcake Baking and Decorating are also at the top of the list. The classes are customized for you and your culinary experience. Once you have mastered the skills in these classes, there are many more to explore. In our series of chocolate lessons, for instance, we start you off with Chocolate 101 and continue on, if you choose, to Chocolate 102 so you can dive deeper into the science while honing your skills. We also offer chocolate lessons for children. Chocolate Pizza is a great class for children under 8 years of age. Please contact us if you need help deciding which class is best for you.

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Chocolate 101

You will sample chocolate, learn about different types of chocolate, temper chocolate, hand-roll truffles, dip cake pops. You will go home with a large box of fine Belgian chocolate confections to share ..... or not!

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Cake or Cupcake Baking

Learn to make a delicious cake. We will pair the cake or cupcake baking lesson with lessons on making fillings and frostings.

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Cake or Cupcake Decorating

We teach you to make a cooked filling and a cooked buttercream frosting, then show you how to build your cake professionally, and teach you to make modeling chocolate and your own 3-D cake or cupcake toppers.

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French Macarons

Learn the Italian Meringue method of making macarons. You will make the beautifully colored shells and premium fillings, build your delicious confections and take home a large box (approximately 36) of macarons.

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Eclairs & Cream Puffs

Learn to make eclairs and cream puffs with firm shells that are easy to fill and dip into a glaze. In this class we make a chocolate pastry cream filling, a whipped cream filling, apricot glaze, chocolate glaze and vanilla whipped cream topping. Students take home a large box of these absolutely delicious confections.

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We teach a wide variety of breads including French baguettes, artisanal breads, French fougasse, Italian focaccia (think deep-dish pizza style bread), challah (a braided egg bread) and sour dough (with yeast and without). 

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Fresh pasta is wonderful. Learn to make spaghetti, fettuccini, tomato sauce and, as a bonus, we also teach French baguette. Take home a complete meal. This lesson is 3 hours in length.

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Gnocchi is made with potatoes. They are light and pillowy. We add ricotta cheese to ours to add depth of flavor. In addition you will make a tomato sauce. As a bonus we also teach French baguettes during this class. This lesson is 3 hours in length. Students take home all that they make.

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Learn to make sweet and savory crepes. We teach you to make fruit fillings for the sweet crepes (chocolate drizzle optional) and cheese and herb fillings for the savory. Pair the savory crepes with a salad and French bread and you have a meal. Serve sweet crepes for brunch or as a dessert. They are very versatile.

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