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Savory Classes

Eat The Art offers a variety of savory baking and cooking classes for a change of pace. We teach pasta (spaghetti and fettuccini with tomato sauce), gnocchi (plain and with ricotta), quiche, crepes (with cheese and herbs), breads (French baguette, sourdough, challah, artisanal, fougasse and focaccia) and bagels. Students take home everything they make. Lessons are private and 3 hours in length.

Please contact us if you need help deciding on a class that is right for you.

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Learn the feel of pasta to achieve the perfect consistency. If it is too dry it will simply crumble when trying to cut it. If it is too wet it will stick to your rollers. We will show you how to dry pasta for later use. Eat it now or enjoy it later. Pasta may also be frozen for those who like to plan ahead. Students not only leave class with everything they have made but also with very detailed recipes, tips and instructions.

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Bagels have a distinct chewiness. We will teach you how to achieve this texture. Students choose from a variety of toppings to create custom flavor combinations.

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One of the secrets to making extraordinary quiche is making a flaky, buttery, outstanding crust. There are many types of pastry and we will teach you one that pairs well with this egg, cheese, herb and tomato filling.

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Whether you like your crepes rolled or folded into quarters we will teach you to achieve the perfect texture. Some like to fill their crepes while others just like to top them, either way you will learn fillings and toppings to complement these mouth-watering galettes.

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Is there anything more comforting than the smell of bread baking? Learn all about yeasts and starters to achieve the perfect rise.

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Gnocchi is just fun to say. Learn to make the perfect dough so that it rolls right off the end of your fork while shaping. It should be soft and pillowy, tender and flavorful. Add a variety of herbs and top it with sauces that have depth of flavor. We teach our students to make a tomato-based sauce that is simply divine.

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