group cake decorating baking class nashvilleBring your pals, your spouse, the kids, visiting family members and/or work buddies for private baking lessons. It’s a great activity over the holidays and also a super team-building event. We teach beginner, intermediate and advanced bakers looking to upgrade their skills or to address gaps in learning.

You will start by learning the correct way to measure ingredients to achieve consistent, reliable results. The principles of mixing and baking will be explained in detail. Someone in class always says, I didn’t know that! Furthermore, we provide insight into the ingredients you use to ensure you are optimizing their performance. What you learn in a single private baking lesson will serve you well with all of your future baking projects. You are welcome to take a single lesson or a series of classes.

Private baking lessons are a great party option as everyone takes home all that they have made in class. Did we mention there is generally a lot of sampling that goes on? Yum!

Please take a look at our list of classes as there are many, many options. From our home page, just click Baking Classes. We are happy to answer any questions you may have so don’t hesitate to send us a message. We are pretty good at replying very quickly.