Macaron versus Macaroon

Macaron (not to be confused with Macaroon) gift boxes

So, what is a Macaron? Is it the same thing as a Macaroon? Let us solve the mystery.

A Macaron (pictured here) is a brightly colored sandwich-type cookie with a filling. A Macaroon is a coconut cookie, sometimes drizzled with chocolate.

We not only sell Macarons but we also teach classes so that you can make them at home. We offer very detailed hands-on instruction in class and also provide written recipes and tips for success when making them again at home. Please contact us for details.

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About Heather Longpre

Chef Heather Longpré is a graduate of the French Pastry School of Kennedy-King College in Chicago, Ill. She studied sugar art with Nicholas Lodge, Mike McCarey, Scott Green, Sebastien Canonne M.O.F., Jacquy Pfeiffer, among other very accomplished Chef-Artists. She is also a Professional Chocolatier having graduated from Ecole Chocolat in Vancouver, Canada. Heather loves to use her skills as a sugar artist to create fun and fantastic cakes and edible art that showcase chocolate, gumpaste, pastillage, fondant, poured, pulled and blown sugar sculpture. In addition to being a chef, Heather teaches baking, chocolate making, sugar art and cake decorating classes.