Experience the wonder of making a wedding cake

Sugar Flowers

From peonies and hydrangea, to tropical orchids and anthurium, Chef Heather makes dozens of different types of sugar flowers. If you don’t see the flower you are looking for in the gallery of photos, just ask for the bloom of your choice. All flowers come in a rainbow of colors.

Edible Parrot tulips, freesia and roses made from gumpaste
Parrot tulips, freesia and roses made from sugar
Freesia blossoms made from gumpaste are edible.
Sugar art Freesia blossoms
Edible peony cake topper complete with blossoms
Peony cake topper
Gerber/Gerbera Daisies in sugar. Edible Gerber blossoms for cake and confectionery decorating.
Gerber (Gerbera) Daisies in gumpaste.
Stargazer lilies in gumpaste/sugarpaste. Edible flowers. Edible lilies. Stargazer lily.
Stargazer Lilies
French Impressionism cake topper.
Water Lilies
Edible David Austin Rose made from gumpaste
David Austin Rose
Stephanotis blossoms made from gumpaste and other edible products.
Cookie dirt, gumpaste roses and fondant flower pot cover this cake.
Sugar art floral cake topper. Reusable. Roses, Calla Lilies, Casablanca Lilies, sapphire blossoms made from gumpaste and hand painted with food color.
Roses, Calla Lilies, Casablanca Lilies, Sapphire Blossoms, Hydrangea and Peonies
Edible sugar flowers made from sugar paste.
Sweet Pea Blossoms
Gumpaste/sugarpaste dogwood flowers and edible leaves. Hand painted dogwood blossoms made from sugar.
Dogwood blossoms
Gumpaste Oncidium orchid, which is edible.
Oncidium Orchid
Gumpaste Vanda Orchid sugar art.
Vanda Orchid
Realistic edible gumpaste flowers and leaves for special occasion cakes and sweet tables.
Phalaenopsis Orchids
Realistic gumpaste Slipper Orchid.
Slipper Orchid
Sugar Sunflower, sugar ladybug. Gumpaste sunflower and gumpaste ladybug. Sugarpaste Sunflower and Sugarpaste ladybug.
Sunflower With Ladybug.
Sugar art flowers: Birds of Paradise and gumpaste hummingbird top this celebration cake.
Birds of Paradise
Edible Hibiscus flowers in gumpaste (sugar paste).
Fondant table cloths for cakes. Full blown gumpaste / sugarpaste roses top these cakes.
Full Blown Roses.
Edible sugar Pansies as a cake topper or stand-alone gift for Mom.
Wedding cake with edible lace details to match the fabric in the bride's gown; gumpaste Ranunculus to match her bouquet.
Realistic looking Irises and Daffodils finsih these birthday cakes. Hand painted Irises and Daffodils are made with gumpaste and are safe to eat.
Bearded Irises & Daffodils
Realistic looking yellow poinsettias made from gumpaste / sugarpaste.
Yellow Poinsettias
Gumpaste anemone, red sugar roses and edible ivy on fondant-covered hand painted cake drum (cake board)
Anemone, Roses and Ivy
Gumpaste flowers in sugar flowerpots with edible tools and cookie dirt.
Iris, Daffodil, Rose & Lily