realistic sugar flowers

David Austin roses made of sugar top this tiny wedding cake.

What Are The Flowers Made From?

We just love to teach students to make realistic sugar flowers out of a sugar medium called gumpaste. Gumpaste is a combination of powdered sugar, egg whites and a gumming agent called Tylose powder (find Tylose here).

How Long Do The Flowers Last?

Realistic sugar flowers are edible but most people after using them as a cake topper keep them in vases for years and years. They also make wonderful gifts. Just remove them from the top of the cake and insert them into a small vase filled with granulated sugar to anchor them.

Are Realistic-Sugar-Flowers Hard To Make?

Students are given step-by-step instructions so that they are able to recreate these beautiful realistic sugar flowers (sugar art ) on their own. Students learn the techniques to achieve thin, botanically correct petals and several foliage varieties. Our aspiring sugar artists paint their creations with edible colors that come in various forms, such as gels, liquids and powders. With the application of petal dusts (dry colors) the gumpaste flowers spring to life.

What Type Of Flowers Can I Make In Class?

Among the most popular varieties of flowers we teach are roses, hydrangea and peonies. We also teach daffodils, irises, sunflowers and tulips just to name a few. You may continue your education with orchids, berries and leaves to add color and dimension. Participants learn how to arrange the flowers and foliage for the maximum effect.

For those interested in continuing their sugar flower making we offer lists suppliers so that students may purchase the necessary tools to continue making flowers at home on their own.

Please contact us to set up a class. We teach weekdays, evenings and weekends. We have lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced sugar artists or, soon-to-be-sugar artists!