This group loved their class!

French Macaron baking classes (not spelled macaroon - this is a British confection)

I had the best time at a macaron class! We came here for a bachelorette party activity and it was so much fun! I’ve always wanted to learn how to make macarons but the process seemed ¬†intimidating and the cost for classes in my area is high. When my friends proposed this, I couldn’t believe the value. We had a hands on class where Heather taught us the best tips and tricks to tackle macarons at home. I left armed with a box of tasty treats (that I made!), detailed recipes, and so many great pieces of general baking advice. My baking has improved already.

I would have given Eat the Art 5 stars if my experience had ended with just the class. But now that I have lots of time and nowhere to go, I decided to put my skills to the test. I made macarons at home!

Heather is obviously an artist and you will definitely want to do as she says and “eat the art.” If you’re looking for a girls’ weekend activity or something fun for a bachelorette party, you will not regret taking a class at Eat the Art!

This was posted to Yelp by Katherine R. from Indianapolis, IN.