Sugar Art and Sculptures

Sugar art adds a fun element to any cake or confection. In most cases, if you don’t eat it, it can be saved as a keepsake or reused on your own home-made sweet creations.

Sugar art sculptures are a fantastic addition to sweet tables and make amazing center pieces. They can be created to complement any theme you may choose for your event. Contact Chef Heather to discuss your special celebration and to have her design a piece of edible art that will be memorable and one-of-a-kind!

Costa Rican Waterfall made from sugar.
This beautiful waterfall is made from sugar as are the palm trees and flowers.
Edible sugar bottle with edible labels.
Groom's cake made to look like an eight-point stag in chocolate and other sugar mediums.
Sugar art sculpture in chocolate.
The head of a deer made entirely out of edible sugar mediums, including modeling chocolate; the perfect groom's "cake".
Sugar art sculpture in lieu of a groom's cake.
Chocolate moose sculpture
Perhaps they meant chocolate mousse? Well, this chocolate moose crashed the wedding as the groom's cake.
Patriotic American Eagle and Flag as a cake topper or sugar art display piece for a sweet table or dessert buffet.
Available in sugar or chocolate.
Dental art.
This chocolate puppy sits on top of an edible dentist's chair.
Edible art flamingo is made from chocolate.
After enjoying the cake eat the flamingo
Sugar art mask. The face of a Chetah in sugar.
Chetah mask made of sugar.
Edible fantasy tree with fondant characters, perfect for a child's party or baby shower.
This story book tree is made mostly out of fondant, the rolling hills are cake.
Modeling chocolate owl. Solid chocolate or birthday cake covered in modeling chocolate.
Owen the owl is covered in modeling chocolate.
This Robin Hood sugar art sculpture accompanied a groom's cake.
Edible Robin Hood cake topper for a groom's cake.
Rapunzel sugar art and children's birthday cake.
Edible Rapunzel crowning a tower of cake.
Female scarecrows in sugar. Cake topper scarecrow art. Edible art scarecrows.
Sugar art Scare Crones.
Edible sewing machine with sugarveil lace fabric.
Sewing machine made from modeling chocolate, lace made from icing.
Sugar art Eiffel Tower is completely edible.
The Eiffel Tower in sugar makes a great cake topper or center piece.
Poured sugar art shooting stars. Edible sugar stars. Isomalt and cooked sugar shapes.
Poured sugar designer logo.
Corvette car and tool box are made from chocolate.
This cake topper is made of chocolate
Edible mini versions of instruments.
Chocolate copies of your instruments make great cake toppers!
Edible sugar and chocolate art guitars and other instruments.
Edible instruments make terrific decorations on a sweet table.
Edible guitar in chocolate and sugar.
Your favorite guitar rendered in chocolate.
The Hang-over cake, sugar coffee mug and edible bra art with sugar aspirin and coffee beans.
The Hangover: gumpaste bra, aspirin and coffee mug. Sugar art tree covered in coffee beans.
Sugar bugs in cookie dirt and a barrel of cake. Fondant flowers and edible garden tools.
Garden critters sugar art in cookie dirt with a barrel of cake.
Gumpaste flowers in sugar flowerpots with edible tools and cookie dirt.
An edible garden with flowerpot cakes, gumpaste garden tools and sugar blossoms. Edible cookie crumb dirt.

What is Sugar Art?

Sugar art is an edible art form that combines baking, sculpting and painting to create edible masterpieces. Sugar art can be large or small and will wow your guests no matter what size. Pulled sugar can create the illusion of realistic flowers, flowing water, beverage containers and objects of any kind. The possibilities are endless when it comes to sugar art, and Chef Heather is here to guide you and help you create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece to display at your next special event.