Chef Heather to compete in live cake challenge.

Heather Longpre´, Debra Bittle and Cindy Zoesch, known as the Tennessee Trio, will compete August 10, 2013 in a live cake challenge in Lexington, KY. The event is being hosted by the International Cake Exploration Societe´(ICES).

The Tennessee Trio team is working diligently on a design they finalized in April of this year. They are building the sculpture over and over again in order to shave time off of each element. “I believe all the cake shows and challenges shown on television and YouTube have been terrific for the industry. The only drawback is that sometimes customers think we are able to build grand wedding cakes and sculptures in 30 or 60 minutes”, says Heather with a smile.

Each cake challenge comes with its own set of rules. With this competition, teams are permitted to bring some already carved elements that must be covered and painted on site. With some smaller elements, such as roses, teams are permitted to make most of these ahead of time but for every 9 finished roses they must make one in front of the judges.

Stay tuned for updates!