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Looking for a special experience for Valentine’s Day? We offer baking, chocolate, sugar art and cake decorating events. Bring your sweetie, bring your friends, come alone. Whatever you make in class you take home. There’s always plenty to enjoy yourself and to give as gifts.

We also offer custom gift boxes of chocolates, truffles and baked goods. Make this Valentine’s Day extra special. We offer Gift Certificates.

So, what is a Macaron? Is it the same thing as a Macaroon? Let us solve the mystery.

A Macaron (pictured here) is a brightly colored sandwich-type cookie with a filling. A Macaroon is a coconut cookie, sometimes drizzled with chocolate.

We not only sell Macarons but we also teach classes so that you can make them at home. We offer very detailed hands-on instruction in class and also provide written recipes and tips for success when making them again at home. Please contact us for details.

We LOVE picking raspberries. Why? Because we tuck them into so many of our creations. From cake and cupcake fillings, as a fresh layer in cakes, a filling for fruit tarts and as a complementary ingredient in our French Macaron fillings, our truffles and filled chocolates. We not only sell our cakes and confections but we teach students to make their very own. Ask about our private and group lessons. Baking and chocolate classes are great if you are looking to start your own business or if this is going to be your side hustle. We offer baking experiences for adults, couples, children and as team building activities. Please contact us for more details.

We make cookies that are cakey, chewy, crumbly and crunchy in hundreds of flavors and shapes.

Pineapple-cherry cakey cookies for a sweet table.

Who doesn’t love a good cookie? We will bake your favorite cookies for you or we will teach you to bake your own. We offer dozens of different types of cookies from soft and chewy, to cakey, to crunchy to crumbly and many, many different flavor options. We will package a single huge cookie for you or put your cookies into a pretty gift box. Please contact us today. We just love talking about (and baking) cookies!

Just look at those feet! Perfect Macarons every time you bake them. We will teach you how.

Perfect Macarons every time.

Are you confused? Do you hear people referring to French Macarons, those lovely colorful confections made from nut flours (usually almond, sometimes hazelnut), as Macaroons? Allow us to help clarify.

French Macarons (pictured here) originated in France. Macaroons, from Great Britain, are a cookie made with coconut. Both are delicious but very different.

We teach both French Macaron and British Macaroon baking. Try a class … you’ll learn a lot and have fun at the same time.