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We offer cake decorating classes for both children and adults. We teach beginner and intermediate students and those just looking to add to their skill set.

In Cake Decorating – 101 we start with pre-baked cake layers that are cooled and ready to go when the class begins. In class we make a cooked filling and a cooked buttercream frosting. The cooked frostings are so much easier to work with and the taste is far superior to cold-process icings. The cakes are then assembled and iced. We teach students to frost a cake to achieve a perfectly smooth finish, just like the professionals. We then make a 3-dimensional cake topper out of a sugar medium called modeling chocolate. Every student goes home with a fully decorated cake. We provide everything that is required for the lesson, including the packaging to take the cakes home.

Our teaching style is very hands-on. Each student is given recipes, tips and tricks to achieve success long after the class has ended and students are on their own in their kitchens at home. We even offer suggestions as to where to buy cake decorating supplies.

Classes are offered weekdays, after school, evenings and weekends. All lessons are private unless the student chooses to assemble their own group. Cake decorating classes are great experiences for couples, families, groups of friends and/or co-workers looking for a team building exercise.

We offer In-Your-Own-Home cake and cupcake decorating parties. We bring everything that is required for the event. This is a fun activity for bridal showers, kids parties and bachelorette parties, just to name a few. The cake that Chef Heather uses during her instruction is enjoyed by the party guests leaving the cakes that everyone has decorated untouched and ready to be taken home and eaten later.

If you would like more information on our classes and parties please contact us. We look forward to teaching you.

We offer chocolate classes for beginners, as well as intermediate and advanced students.

Ever wondered why after you melt chocolate it never sets up with snap and shine again? Why your cookies stick together after you dip them or drizzle them in melted chocolate? We can solve the mystery.

Not to get too science-y here, but, once chocolate is melted it loses its 5th crystal, also called the V crystal. We show you, in a very simple way, how to recreate the lost crystal. You will then be able to melt the chocolate, temper (also called crystalizing) the chocolate (recreate that lost crystal) and go on to make your own chocolate bars, filled bon bons, place solid walls of chocolate around your cakes and cheesecakes and even make your own chocolate decorations!!! We’ll provide you with complete written instructions, in addition to hands-on learning, as well as a list of suppliers so that you can buy your supplies at home and recreate what you made in class. You may even go on to establish a side-husstle (side business) of your own. Many of our students who have taken Chocolate Classes for Beginners now have their own small businesses and we couldn’t be more proud of them.

Chocolate Classes for Beginners is offered as a private lesson, but if the student would like to bring family and friends along we will teach groups of up to six. The first class includes a professional chocolate tasting, understanding of where chocolate comes from and how it is grown and produced. We go on to learn how to work with it to create beautiful and delicious confections. Each student goes home with a lot treats to share (or not). This class is three hours in length and there is a lot of chocolate eating involved, if you like! The class is not only fun and educational but also delicious.

Please contact us for more details. We’d love to schedule a class for you or your group. This class is a wonderful couples experience, family activity or team-building event.

We offer pastry education for part-time students. Lessons are private and scheduled at the convenience of the student. The benefit of part-time pastry eduction is that the student gets to choose the classes that interest them most and the program moves at the speed appropriate for the individual.

Lessons include the principles of measuring (scaling ingredients), mixing and baking. We offer classes in cake (American and European), fillings, frostings (cold process and cooked), creams, curds, souflés, cookies, French Macarons, croissants, breads, pastries, tarts, chocolate -101, including tempering/crystalizing, bon bons (filled and solid), candies, fudge and confections, just to name a few. We also customize lessons if there is something specific the student would like to learn.

We teach students all about the ingredients they use so that they are able to understand the function and how to best use (and not use) the product in future recipes. The emphasis of the program is upon building knowledge and skill, whether students attend 5 classes or twenty classes. No single lesson is ever a waste. Every lesson provides “ah ha”  moments.

All that is required for the part-time education program is provided, including all ingredients, tools and equipment, even the packaging to take everything home that is made in the class. Complete written instructions and recipes are provided. Students are welcome to take notes and photographs in class.

If you have always wanted to enroll in a pastry program but just didn’t have the time or the opportunity to do so, please contact us. We have designed our part-time pastry education lessons to fit every schedule. Students may also spread out their lessons if, for example, they only have a few hours each week or one day a month. We will work with students to put together a meaningful and educational program. What you learn in class will never go to waste.

We just love to teach students to make these very realistic sugar flowers out of a sugar medium called gumpaste. Gumpaste is a combination of powdered sugar, egg whites and a gumming agent called Tylose powder (find Tylose here). The flowers are edible but most people after using them as a cake topper or, center piece for a sweet table, keep them in vases for years and years. They also make wonderful gifts. Just remove them from the top of the cake and insert them into a small vase filled with granulated sugar to anchor them in place.

We provide students with step-by-step instructions so that they are able to recreate these beautiful pieces of very realistic sugar flowers (sugar art ) on their own. We show students the techniques to achieve thin, realistic petals and several foliage varieties. We also teach students to paint their creations with edible colors that come in various forms, such as gels, liquids and powders (flat and with luster). With the addition of petal dusts (dry colors) the gumpaste flowers spring to life.

Take a look at our gallery of photos ( please click here) to see the dozens and dozens of different very realistic sugar flowers that we teach. If you would like us to make the flowers for you, for example, for your wedding cake, we will be happy to match the flower type and colors to fit your décor.

Among the most popular varieties of gumpaste flowers that we teach are roses, hydrangea, peonies, daffodils, irises, sunflowers and tulips. We also teach various orchids, berries and leaves to add color and dimension to the sugar art. We go on to teach students how to arrange the flowers and foliage.

For students that fall in love with sugar flower making, we offer lists of supplies and suppliers so that students may acquire the necessary tools to continue making flowers at home on their own.

Please contact us to set up a class. We teach weedays, evenings and weekends. We offer lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced sugar artists or, soon-to-be-sugar artists!

Small wedding cakes that are lovely and fit the color theme and size of the special event

David Austin roses made of sugar top this tiny wedding cake.