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Learn the secrets to making filled chocolates and bonbons.

Make your own edible gifts for the holidays or let us make them for you. We offer custom gift boxes filled with bonbons, chocolates, truffles, raspberry and chocolate caramels, fudge, cookies and more. Please ask us about our gift boxes and about our candy and chocolate lessons. We are happy to teach you our secrets to great edible gifts.

We teach Chocolate 101 to children, adults, couples and teams. We offer private and group lessons. Students participate in a professional chocolate tasting and then go on to learn to work with fine chocolate. Students leave with plenty of treats to share (or not) and with very detailed written instructions so that they may go home and temper/crystalize chocolate once again on their own. Please contact us for more information.

Chocolate experiences for children and adults

Chocolate 101 class for children and adults

Ever wonder why after melting chocolate you can’t get it to set back up with that signature snap and shine? Let us solve the mystery for you. Once chocolate is melted it loses one of its crystals, the fifth crystal (or V crystal) to be exact! We will teach you how to recreate that fifth crystal so that your chocolate sets up perfectly every time. Go ahead and make filled chocolates (yes, we will teach you to do that also), dip those cake pops and wrap that cheesecake with a band of firm and shiny chocolate. Ask us about Chocolate 101. We love chocolate and we love teaching people to work with it.

Chocolate 101 workshops for adults and children

Learn to fill your own chocolates