8 thoughts on “Guitar Cake

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    Ha ha. Thanks for reminding me of Eurovision kitsch!I have to say with regret that none of the Russian entries since Alla Pugachova have had any sort of decent singing voice (with the possible exception of Dima Bilan). Best by far is Russia’s first entry, Youddiph.Best of luck in Moscow next week!

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    Norma obrigada pela oportunidade de encantar-me com histórias tão lindas onde o amor é a tônica. Suas Séries são um oásis dentro desse Mundo louco em que vivemos. Obrigada amigas por terem recebido tão bem uma história diferente e a você Norma por toda essa delicadeza que transcende a telinha do PC.

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    I wouldn’t vote for anyone who didn’t get a speeding ticket in NJ. The only way to avoid all the mobile revenue agents deployed by the state is to hire a car and driver, and what kind of person has that much money laying around . . oh yeah, Mr. MoneyBags, our governor, does.

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    Jacek (polaren jag nämnt) lånar ut det mesta då han vet att jag är rädd om sakerna och har bättre koll på vad som är hans än vad som är mitt hemma hos mig (typ RB-instrument, några spel, dator-komponenter och lite annat smått och gott som är hans, men är hos mig tills han vill ha tillbaka dem).Gnoit skrev nyligen:

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    elle n’a rien d’extraordinaire cette fille… La preuve, on est en 2012 et on a jamais vraiment entendu parler d’elle… à part qu’elle défile… mais elle n’est pas connue… c’est honteux, elle va finir son job, à 30 ans on va la virer et qu’aura t elle construit pour sa vie????

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    Hey Dan,I’m jumping in late; just saw your blog and read about your dad–just wanted to say hi and lift a prayer. My father died 3 years ago; your thoughts and experiences through this echoed my own.We’ve met a few times at conferences, and your books have had great impact on me. Reading about your dad, well, I just feel these common experiences connect us in the body.Hang in there brother; thanks for sharing.

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