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Edible Grinch sugar art sculpture.

Grinch Themed Christmas Dessert Party

The Grinch, Max the dog and Cindy Lou Who were special guests at this festive Dessert Party held in Nashville on December 14th. All of the sculptures were molded from chocolate. Guests were treated to over 50 handmade confections.

This holiday Grinch-themed party was complete with edible sculptures featuring Cindy-Lou Who, Max the dog, and several Grinches in various poses.

Cindy-Lou Who in molded chocolate.

Max the dog from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas modeled in chocolate and completely edible.

The Grinch’s dog, Max in dark chocolate.

Max the dog and Cindy-Lou Who sugar art sculptures to complete a dessert table.

Edible art chocolate sculptures accent this dessert table.

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas modeled in chocolate along with his funky Christmas Tree complete this dessert table.

The Grinch and his tree modeled from chocolate.

We specialize in edible art for every holiday and special occasion.

Edible sugar Christmas ornaments.

Chocolate-cherry mice make fun little desserts for a children's party.

Fun chocolate-cherry mice to complement a dessert table.

Edible art hedgehog.

Fun edible art to complete a sweet table.

3.5 foot tall Grinch modeled in chocolate to complement your holiday dessert party.

The Grinch in chocolate.

Let an edible Grinch be the star at your next Christmas party.

The Grinch in modeling chocolate.

Cindy-Lou Who modeled in chocolate and fondant stars at a dessert party.

Cindy-Lou Who in chocolate.

We make cookies that are cakey, chewy, crumbly and crunchy in hundreds of flavors and shapes.

Pineapple-cherry cakey cookies for a sweet table.

Cookies for Max the dog from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

Custom cookies for a dessert party.

Carved princess pumpkin cake with edible sugar art.

Are you ready for Halloween?

White pumpkin cake with molded rice cereal treat and fondant sugar decorations.

Pumpkin cake with edible pumpkin accents.

White pumpkins are the rage this year. This particular cake is pumpkin-cranberry-pecan with pumpkin spice cream cheese filling. The little sugar art pumpkins on and around the cake may be kept for next year or eaten … they are rice cereal treats inside, wrapped in high quality vanilla fondant.

We also carve cakes in the shape of traditional orange pumpkins or white Cinderella pumpkins. If you are not a fan of the pumpkin flavor your cake may be made in any flavor you prefer. Go to flavors, sizes and pricing to see our full selection of cakes, fillings and frostings. Orders yours now.