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So, what is a Macaron? Is it the same thing as a Macaroon? Let us solve the mystery.

A Macaron (pictured here) is a brightly colored sandwich-type cookie with a filling. A Macaroon is a coconut cookie, sometimes drizzled with chocolate.

We not only sell Macarons but we also teach classes so that you can make them at home. We offer very detailed hands-on instruction in class and also provide written recipes and tips for success when making them again at home. Please contact us for details.

Have you been thinking about starting your own baking business from your home kitchen? We can help. Let us show you how to source professional-grade tools and equipment, as well as quality ingredients. We’ll even teach you to bake professionally and help you with pricing your confections.

Professional cake building classes and lessons

Learn to professionally “build” cakes. This is a mango moussse cake.

We are here to guide you through every step of the sweet journey.

Learn to make professional-grade cake fillings and frostings

Why settle for just one filling? Layer multiple fillings, with different textures, for delicious and interesting cakes and desserts.

Let us teach you to make modeling chocolate and candy clay. These yummy sugar mediums are not only very easy to work with but they are also delicious!

We teach beginner, intermediate and advanced sugar artists

Sugar art lessons for beginners

We teach children and adults to hand model and sculpt. The owls pictured here were made by beginners in a single class.

Children's sugar art lessons and classes

Edible sugar art

Edible sugar art lessons are a great way to bond with coworkers as classes can be structured as team-building experiences.

Sugar art lessons and classes for couples, adults and children

Candy clay and modeling chocolate classes for adults and kids

We’d love to tell you all about the various sugar art classes we offer. Please contact us for more details.