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The Tennessee Trio wins the bronze medal at the 2013 ICES Live Cake Challenge.

The Tennessee Trio Wins A Bronze Medal

The Tennessee Trio won a bronze medal in the 2013 ICES (International Cake Exploration Societe´) Live Cake Challenge held in Lexington, KY on August 10th. The Trio consisted of Heather Longpre´, Debra Bittle and Cindy Zoesch.

The theme of the cake was All Around Kentucky and featured a Kentucky Derby race track, complete with horse and jockey. The infield sported a Corvette with the iconic rose blanket draped over the back of the car. The base of the stacked art featured Abe Lincoln’s hat on top of which was placed a basketball and basketball player, topped with a KFC bucket, roses and crowned with a Kentucky Bourbon sugar bottle.

The teams thanks its many sponsors, including: Make Your Own Molds; Guildcraft, Simi Cakes and PhotoFrost. A special thank you to KFC for giving the team permission to use their logo and name.

Bronze Medal Sculpture

Possum 1

The Bride Gave Us Her Approval !!

Every now and again we will have a groom approach us and order his own groom’s cake and sugar art for the wedding. In this particular instance we decided to ask the bride for her permission before we proceeded …. I think you can see why!

This groom wanted Roadkill Possum for his groom’s cake. We’re not kidding !!!! With the bride on-side we made the cake out of bright red colored raspberry red velvet cake and layered it with raspberry truffle filling, chocolate creamcheese and chocolate buttercream layers. Yes, we even put veins inside  ….. again … the bride said we could ;-) So that it was evident the possum was roadkill we placed tire tracks, made out of fondant, on either side of the possum cake.

Only in Tennessee.

Possum 5



Marine Corps logo in sugar.

Sugar Art For A Marine Sapper

Blown up castle made from modeling chocolate with gumpaste draw bridge.

Blown up castle made from modeling chocolate with gumpaste draw bridge.

This chocolate castle is fashioned after the Marine Corp Sapper logo. It was created as sugar art for a groom who served us in the Marine Corp. This edible tribute is a thank you to Charlie P. for his service to this country.

Gumpaste Marine Sapper hiding behind chocolate truffle cake mound amongst the chocolate rocks. Gumpaste castle in the distance.

Marine Corp Sapper, in sugar, surrounded by an edible landscape.


Chocolate tower hand textured and painted with edible color.

Chocolate tower hand textured and painted with edible color.


Castle made from modeling chocolate.

Castle made from modeling chocolate.

Gumpaste salad bowl with modeling chocolate salad spoons and fondant decorations sitting upon a cake.


Sugar art at its strangest! The “wooden” salad bowl is entirely edible as are the salad spoons, which are made from modeling chocolate. The lettuce and other “veggies” are made from fondant.

Salad bowl made from sugar and painted to look like wood.

Edible sugar salad bowl, salad and serving spoons made from gumpaste and fondant.

Salad bowl made from gumpaste and airbrushed to look like wood. Modeling chocolate salad servers.

Chocolate salad spoons with fondant lettuce and edible sugar salad bow.

Carved cake to look like a birdhouse nestled among the dogwood sugar blossoms.

Sculpted Cake That Tastes Great.

This birdhouse amongst the dogwood blossoms is actually a lemon cake with lemon cream filling and fiori di sicilia buttercream frosting. The roof is made from modeling chocolate and the cake board is carved chocolate. The dogwood blossoms are made from gumpaste as are the butterflies and birds. The entire sculpture is edible.

Birdhouse cake with dogwood sugar blossoms.

Buttercream and modeling chocolate birdhouse with gumpaste dogwood blossoms.

Whimsical topsy-turvy cake with ribbon roses, pearls and bows.

It’s bridal shower season.

Wedding season is here and with it comes bridal showers of every sort and size.

If you like, we’ll not only make the bridal shower cake, we will also host the event and teach baking and sugar art decorating to your guests. Contact us for details.


Hand painted cakes inspired by your favorite artist.

Henri Matisse inspired hand painted cake.

Marshmallow fluff, caramel, roasted peanuts, chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting.

GOOey GOOey Cake

Rich Belgian chocolate cake layered with *Kenny’s marshmallow fluff, smooth caramel, roasted peanuts and dark chocolate buttercream … what can we say? … some like it sweet!

*As a small child, my brother Ken saw an add for marshmallow fluff and wanted to make a “Fluffer Nutter TM”. We didn’t have any marshmallow fluff in the house, so he made his peanut butter Fluffer Nutter sandwich with mayonnaise! This cake is a tribute to little Kenny and all the other aspiring gourmets out there.

Pumpkin Cheesecake topped with whipped cream and pumpkin pie spice.

Attention Cheesecake Lovers!


Do you love cheesecake? We make every size, including individual serving cakes. Go to Cake Flavors, Sizes and Pricing to see your flavor options. Almost every flavor available in traditional cake is also available in cheesecake.

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, try our Irish Cream Espresso Cheesecake. This rich and creamy cheesecake is topped with Irish Whiskey ganache, whipped cream and chocolate-covered espresso beans.


Cupcake and ice cream cone shaped cookies.

Custom Cookies

These shortbread chocolate chip cookies have been layered with Swiss fondant and icing. Cookies are available in dozens of shapes and are a perfect addition to a party or sweet table at a wedding. Chef Heather will also make custom cookies in the shape and flavor of your choice.

Fondant and royal icing covered cookies cut into cute shapes and layered with color and edible accents.

Shortbread cookies in your favorite shape.